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Hinged Patio Doors | Vue Collection

hinged potion vue collection


The ideal way to add airflow and architectural beauty to your space. With an ultra-low visibility screen and the largest operating sash in the industry, awnings in the VUE Collection effectively deflect the most severe weather conditions.

Key features


Match your architectural style to one of three distinct exterior aesthetics. Achieve that steel door look with the addition of a simulated lock box. Available in custom heights with and without SDL.


Doors can be hinged to swing to the inside or outside, available up to 10' tall.


Hinges can be adjusted in all axis. Stainless steel multi-point lock system secures the door panel in five places for the ultimate in safety and security.

Energy Efficiency

Choices including energy-efficient Zo-e-shield® glazing and ENERGY STAR® rated windows.

Low Maintenance

Internal sill drainage keeps water away from the interior of the home. A molded sill end cap creates a watertight seal between the side jambs.


A unique polyamide design helps prevent thermal bowing while delivering exceptional thermal and structural performance.



A minimal profile with maximum elegance. The variety of finish options guarantee every piece of hardware will blend seamlessly with your overall design.


Sliding Patio Dallas Handle

Dallas Handle

Hardware makes a dramatic statement on any door or window, gracefully transforming the aesthetic to achieve maximum visual effect. Complement and enhance the style of any space with our curated line of finishes and designs.

Hinged Patio Door Lockbox

Lockbox Option

To accompany the narrow profiles in the VUE Collection, each hardware option offers a complementary sleek design. Tested to withstand frequent use for years to come, intuitive latches and comfortable ergonomics make operation effortless.

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