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Markin Co has chosen WeatherShield and Provia for our door offerings because of the manufacturer’s commitment to quality, engineering, options, and warranties. Provia exterior door options are considered the most energy-efficient in the United States, with unparalleled and unmatched quality and options available. Provia patio doors are some of the best vinyl doors with smooth operation and excellent construction and options, making them a great choice. Likewise, WeatherShield commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled and unmatched in the door industry today. WeatherShield won awards in engineering the Next-Gen patio door, and the smooth operation and engineering of their bifold doors, patio doors, and multi-slide doors give the consumer a door they can be proud of for many years. Custom wood door designs are also available from Markin Co, “If you can think it, Markin Co can build it” and would include any door design in any wood species in any finish. Markin Co can deliver exceptional results by meeting the demand across a broad spectrum of customers, from budget conscience to the direction of a very high-end product.

weather shield ®

windows & doors

From their Vue Collection, Contemporary Collection, Premium Collection, and Signature Collection, WeatherShield doesn’t disappoint. The commitment to engineering, award-winning designs makes WeatherShield Windows second to none the best choice for the discerning customer.

Vue Collection

The WeatherShield Vue collection is an ultra-modern, low-profile, heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame with an excellent thermal break. This modern window and door collection is designed to exceed architect and builder expectations.

Contemporary Collection

Combining exceptional extruded aluminum and wood materials into contemporary window and door designs amplifies the beauty and craftsmanship presented in the WeatherShield Contemporary Collection.

Premium Collection

Celebrating exceptional craftsmanship, the Premium Collection by WeatherShield combines timeless aesthetics with the latest advancements in energy efficiency to create an authentic and enduring look.

Signature Collection

Honoring classic designs, the WeatherShield Signature Collection offers aluminum-clad wood construction, making this an accessible quality across various popular home styles.

ProVia ®

The professional way

Markin Co is proud to distribute ProVia products as the industry’s best vinyl window and door manufacturer. ProVia meets the highest standards in quality, service, and customer satisfaction. ProVia strives to exceed standards and expectations, thus setting a higher standard for all. Like Markin Co, ProVia is committed to doing what is right because it’s the right thing to do, and integrity and honesty are keys to success for the customer and company relationship.

Embarq Series

The Embarq fiberglass entry door from ProVia sets the standard for energy-efficient front doors. The innovative design includes engineered side rails and header channels and a polyurethane core with more insulating value than a typical fiberglass door. This 2.5″ thick, robust entry door is not only highly durable but also gorgeous, with the authentic look of rich, handsome wood.

Signet Series

Homeowners seeking a highly energy-efficient fiberglass front door that looks like authentic woodgrain need look no further. With ENERGY STAR® certification for most door styles, ProVia's Signet fiberglass doors offer maximum performance in energy efficiency and durability while also delivering aesthetics, with front doors that are customized to fulfill your vision for your home's exterior design.

Legacy Series

The many thoughtfully designed features of ProVia's Legacy steel exterior doors add up to a professional-class product. Built with 20-gauge steel, Legacy entry doors have 49% more galvanized steel than 24-gauge doors, making them far superior in strength and rigidity than other steel security doors.

Heritage Series

The energy efficiency of an entry door system starts with the door's construction and ends with its installation. ProVia builds highly energy-efficient, pre-hung exterior doors designed to provide peak performance when needed. With a hardwood edge that prevents warping and a polyurethane core that reduces heat loss, Heritage fiberglass doors offer an excellent solution for homeowners seeking to maximize energy performance and longevity with an entry door that enhances your home's beauty.

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