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Casement windows and awning windows are nearly identical in construction, with the biggest difference being the position of the hinge. Both window styles are composed of a single sash that’s hinged and cranks open and shut. Vinyl casement replacement windows have the hinge on the left or right; an awning window is a casement set on its side, with the hinge at the top.

Vinyl casement and awning windows, which are controlled by a stationary crank, are a great choice for locations over cabinets, sinks and other features that can interfere with the homeowner’s ability to open or shut the window. Casement windows provide airflow from top to bottom and the amount of airflow can easily be controlled with the crank. Awning windows offer the advantage of preventing rain from entering your home while the windows are open. Both window types feature a fold-away crank that keeps the handle from interfering with window treatments or furniture.

Casements work well in spaces where the window is more than twice as tall as it is wide; awnings, generally, are wider than they are tall.

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