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It’s not often that you have to purchase windows for your home, but when you do, you’ll want options that make your home stand out. Homeowners seek windows that improve curb appeal while delivering the best in energy efficiency and comfort. ProVia’s Endure vinyl windows offer the best in all those requirements, with unparalleled customizations combined with outstanding quality and energy efficiency.

For Endure vinyl windows, ProVia chose the optimum levels of technology to make a window that will work continually at peak performance. Endure windows provide all that you would expect from high-performance ENERGY STAR®-certified vinyl windows, using much less energy to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and providing more comfort all year round.

Endure windows offer maximum energy efficiency, while displaying stunning beauty, living up to their expectations as the best vinyl windows.

Endure Key features

Low Maintenance

Superior Weatherability

outstanding color retention

More durable Than competitive products

Exceeds standards for strength and color

Maximum number of options for window style, color, glass and more

window colors

Finish options shown may not be accurate representations. Actual color samples are available upon request.


ProVia offers hardware options that enable you to make your vinyl windows as unique as you like.

endure double hung slider white


endure double hung slider beige


endure double hung slider sandstone


endure double hung slider copper tone


endure double hung slider flat bronze

Flat Bronze

endure double hung slider satin nickel

Satin Nickel

endure bronze hung slider antique brass

Antique Brass

endure double hung slider coal black

Matte Black


Finish options shown may not be accurate representations. Actual color samples are available upon request.

endure casement awning white


endure casement awning beige


endure casement awning sandstone


endure casement awning copper ton


endure casement awning flat bronze

flat bronze

endure casement awning satin nickel

satin nickel

endure casement awning antique

Antique Brass

endure casement awning coal black

matte black


Improved clarity and maintenance

aluminum screens

BetterVue® Fiberglass Mesh

fiberglass mesh screen. Durable and flame retardant. Improved optical clarity; shields water and resists dirt and grime. Hydrophobic coating improves optical clarity, sheds water and resists dirt and grime. Easy removal for cleaning and maintenance

Severe screen

SeeVue® Stainless Steel Mesh

Pet-friendly,Extruded aluminum frame with stainless steel mesh, Black coated for improved visibility and ventilation, Stronger than standard insect screen.

Flex screen scaled


PVC coated spring steel framer with no attachment hardware needed. Simple to install.Solid core frame that won’t twist or break like traditional window screens. Resists denting and scratching. Allows more daylight to filter in while drastically improving the view through the glass. Available with BetterVue® or heavy duty fiberglass mesh

heavy duty screen

Heavy-duty fiberglass mesh

Aluminum screen

aluminum M

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