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EColite Vinyle Windows

The ProVia® ecoLite™ window series provides the right combination of sturdy construction and energy efficiency, making it the best vinyl window option on the market in the category of economy-class, affordable windows.

These U.S.-made white vinyl windows are ideal for both single family and multi-family homes as affordable new construction or replacement windows. The ecoLite white vinyl windows exceed the performance of other economy windows, independently tested and certified against the most stringent requirements for air and water infiltration, wind load resistance, ease of operation, forced entry and more.

We understand the importance of being comfortable, and the role that well-built vinyl windows play in the year-round comfort of a home. Our ecoLite economy windows are designed to be affordable and to keep unwanted heat and cold out of your home.

Embarq key features

Constructed of low-maintenance vinyl

Superior-weatherability; withstanding the effects of heat, UV light and harsh weather

Reliable construction that outperforms competition

window colors

FRESH and light ProVia’s ecoLite windows are offered only in white, with high-quality vinyl interiors and exteriors.


Aluminum screens 1

BetterVue® Fiberglass Mesh

Extruded aluminum frame with a BetterVue fiberglass mesh screen. Durable and flame retardant. Improved optical clarity; shields water and resists dirt and grime. Hydrophobic coating improves optical clarity, sheds water and resists dirt and grime. Easy removal for cleaning and maintenance

Masterful corners

Proessional Window Trim

Your window trim shouldn’t be an afterthought, a detail your installer is required to cut to fit, paint or stain and then install. With ProVia’s MasterFit™ trim system, the hard work is done in our factory, where we can guarantee a precise, custom-fit and long-lasting factory applied finish.

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